We’re Cats and we blog.

Phoebe Cat (Phoebe) is a simply complex black and white cat with no shades of gray in between. Described as beautiful, soft and inviting to touch, be forewarned – her claws are sharp and her temper is unpredictable. And she love feathers. She is known for her keen and imaginative observation skills and spends time journaling on a regular basis.

Crosby O’Reilly (Crosby) is a handsome, charming and irresistible orange and white cat with a long double-jointed tail.  His quiet charisma seduces all who meet him and he is able to get just about all he desires by using his hypnotic golden-eye glaze. Mostly, he desires treats. He is sometimes called, “the ginger cat” by the neighbor, but truth be known, he is named after a dentist in Jamaica Plain, MA.  He is an ambassador of sorts and enjoys seducing random people as documented by his rather poorly written, but strangely effective, “Crosby’s ‘Hey Lady’ or ‘Hi There’ Cat Calls.”

Shiloh is a polydactyl magician of sorts – small in stature and big in personality, he is a shadow cat – that is, he is everywhere you don’t want him to be and everywhere he wants to be.  Everyone finds him irresistible and, with some fine tuning under the tutelage of the wise Crosby cat, he hopes to take over the world some day. For today, he enjoys using his magic to make things happen.

Thor is the most playful, joyous cat you can find.  From his raw beginnings in New Jersey to his journey across multiple shelters and state lines, he paved the path to show us that once home, one can truly blossom into being a cat with a sense of humor and purpose.

The Big Cat is well, a Big Cat, devoted to the whims and desires of Phoebe, Crosby, Shiloh and Thor.  She occasionally tries to give them direction, but is clearly outnumbered and ends up ignored or clawed.



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