Alarm – Cat Wisdom Card of the Day

When we think of an alarm, we think of the shrill. The loudness. The warning. The “Get the f*** out of here, she’s got the carrier, she’s going to shove us in and we’re going to end up at the vet.

An alarm might be persistent…and something that might not go away easy.  It’s always amusing to watch the Big Cat try to hit the snooze button every morning..only to be alarmed a few minutes later.  With four cats as alarms, there really isn’t a snooze button, and there really isn’t a few minutes of peaceful interludes.  So, we ask, why does she put  off the inevitable?

What if the inevitable wasn’t all that bad or all that loud.  What if it was a purr. Soft and alluring, telling us something is going on, but not what is going on.  An alarm is exactly that…a sign for us to stop. listen. and maybe to feed the cats. treats. now.


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