The Facial

Phoebe’s Log – March 9

My eyes adjust to the stillness of the night.  Her body is  motionless. Her breath is low.  She doesn’t move.  Something shifts.  A deeper breath? A hint of dawn?  Crosby snoring? Whatever it is, it triggers me. I can’t help it.  I am awake now.  

I listen again.  It’s her breath, she is stirring.  It is time.  I uncurl out of the nest of blankets eyeing the direction of her head.  Good I note, Crosby is there on the side of her where I won’t step on him.  Crosby looks at me half asleep.  “What ? Oh jeez” he says, rolls his eyes and goes back to snoozing.

I march up to the Big Cat’s head announcing my arrival with extraordinary purring. The hand goes up, scratches my head and then promptly flops down again.  Yes, Big Cat.  It’s 3:41AM I know you are awake. 

I settle in against her arm, her neck.  My front paws are pushed forward into her neck. It really doesn’t feel right.  I mean…I don’t think she cleaned herself properly before going to bed. I push my paws a little more into her neck – exfoliating her skin.  She squirms a little, trying to escape perhaps? She is paralyzed in the between of time – waking or sleeping…or perhaps it’s just a desire to be asleep. I’m not sure.  I purr.  I know it keeps her under my spell.   I move to her jaw line.  I move in closer and I lick her cheek.  She bats at me a little. Just a little. I purr. I dig in a little more.  

Exfoliate, rinse, repeat.  Occasionally, I’ll gnaw on her skin if there is a nitch.  The Big Cat turns over to her other side.  I walk on top and over her and continue the process…finishing up and settling in for a few minutes to make sure she goes back to sleep. 

In the darkness, I hear Crosby chuckling. “Hush,” I say to him, “Big Cats pay a lot of money for this kind of treatment to their face and neck with soothing spa like music…It’s called a facial.”  I don’t think that’s what she is thinking right now,” he answered, “I can smell your tuna breathe all the way over here…”  I stick my wet nose against her face and purr, “It’s the ocean baby, nothing beats the smell of the ocean and sound of the waves”


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