The Shaman’s Cats – II

Phoebe: The drum is thumping in the background. Crosby is at it again. Hijacking the Big Cat’s journey we’re going back into the kitchen. I am grinning because I am fluffy and soft and I lie on the Big Cats chest. Crosby sits at the Big Cat’s head seriously studying her face. It’s no hope for the Big Cat. We’ve got her.

Crosby: And so it goes or rather comes – the second part of the journey. I am Crosby, King of the Kitchen; Seeker of Treats; Master of Obtaining Treats. On the second installment of the shamanic journey we go for the MidWorld. The MidWorld is analogues to the waist level to arm /chest of the Big Cat or the top of the stove, the table – that region. The mid world is where it all happens…or so it seems. I like to call it the apparent reality because it is where Big Cats think of as the Now – the actions, the tools that create the Now. This includes operating the sink, stove, open/closing the refrigerator door, and perhaps banging on cabinets. Sure, you may argue there are refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom and cabinets can be high out of reach…but Big Cats must bend from above to get to below. And below to above. It all balances out.

Phoebe: I am purring to the beat of the drums…

Crosby: In the MidWorld, yellow is the dominant chakra. Power. Power to do good and power to do not so good. We’ve noticed that you, Big Cat have burned multiple pots in this world recently…Sure, you may have forgotten the pots on the stove on occasion. You know…that’s not so good. It’s a sign that your power chakra is out of whack. From above and below, the energy flows and if there are blockages…you lose multiple pots. Yes, something so innocent as forgetting that you had water on the stove. Do you understand what I’m saying.

Phoebe: I nod my head. Big Cat looks at me and also begins to nod her head. Good she got it…If she didn’t I’d have to swipe her her gently of course…claws about half way out. Retracting claws for now.

Crosby: Above and below you have energy from the heavens and earth. Use that energy to clear your yellow chakra. Breathe in…Breathe out…don’t forget to purr as you pull the energy up up up through red, orange and ah, yellow. When you work with the elements of fire, water, wood, and metal all at once, it’s important to change the vibrational element to match the intention. Sound helps, a conduit as you would say.

Phoebe: Crosby, time check. He nods.

Okay, Big Cat. One final breath. You are aligned and at peace. We are almost done….I’d like to turn your attention now to the sink. Good. Look up a little and to the left…yes, you see a door. You know what is behind that door? Treats. Yes. Our treats. It’s what keeps the balance of power “in-your-favor” so to speak. understand?

Phoebe: Once more, the Big Cat nods. In fact we all nod…. “and catnip…” I softly cooo in her ear.
Crosby: And so it’s time to go back. The drum beats rapidly and then slows down. Once more, deep inhale…purrrr as you exhale…Remember to listen to your inner cat….


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