Never miss an opportunity to treat yourself

Crosby’s Log – 20 January 2014

Direct communication with your Big Cat is key to happy household.  Every once in awhile, however, it’s useful when a third party intervenes on your behalf. So it happened the other day when Big Cat was conversing with her friend, Tuna*, over the phone. And Tuna happens to be one of those that can have a conversation with us mind-to-mind.

Let’s get something straight.  Cats talk. We talk all the time.  Depending on the frequency, some others can hear us loud and clear.  As connected as Big Cat was over the wireless device, our thoughts hooked into the conversation. After a slight awkward moment of silence…Tuna said: “Your cats are talking to me…”

“Oh really?” responds the Big Cat

“Your male cat is telling me that you haven’t been talking to him lately…and that the female cat gets more attention…”


Guilt has set in.  Phoebe takes every opportunity to sink her claws into anything that gets the Big Cat’s attention.  In particular, furniture and skin work really well.  It’s extremely amusing to hear the Big Cat yelp. I, on the other hand, prefer to sit and be zen like.  Ready to be bowed to or picked up and scratched behind the ears. 

As the conversation progresses, the Big Cat lowers her head in guilt and shame.  She promises to be more mindful….which is great because now my mind is racing as I pass my thoughts to Tuna.

“He is still angry….” she continues, “He doesn’t get enough treats anymore and when he does get treats, Phoebe, gets more of her fair share than he does.”

The Big Cat explains that the vet has told her to cut down on the treats to keep us trim and healthy…and then puts her hand on the receiver, turns to me and says:

“Liar you get more treats than Phoebe and you know it…” 

Phoebe may have her scratch and slash technique to get what she wants, but I really know the way to sweet victory. Now it’s time to go in for the kill… As the Big Cat returns to her conversation, I gaze at her longingly, blink my golden eyes and let my lashes slowly open and close carrying softly the whisper “You love her more than you love me…” 

Direct hit. The call ends. We walk to the treat cabinet and glory be – it’s raining treats once more. 

*note: We renamed Tuna after one of our favorite treats. 



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