The Shaman’s Cats


do do do, do do do, do do do…the stereo hums out the steady beat of a drum.  The Big Cat is lying on the middle of the floor, arm over eyes.  I arrive just in time.  I sit by her head.  I purr to the beat of the drum, do do do, do do do.  I shake a little fur into the air.  Phoebe joins me on the other side.  “Do, do do,” she purrs drooling a little on Big Cat’s neck.


The Big Cat stirs. We know it’s time.  I jump into her head first.  Phoebe, not even a cat length joins just behind me.  


The trip to the lower world has just been cat-jacked to the middle, middle world.  This dimension where she has a lot to learn and where we can guide her.   Where, we by her side, safely show her things she would not otherwise see from the perspective of the a cat’s eye. An ancient and mystical Cat eye.  Inspiration for the good luck charm protecting against the “evil eye” popular to this to-day in middle eastern cultures and the world at large….




Of course Crosby has to lead her into the kitchen.  Tail over his head he walks confidently into the kitchen.  The Big Cat follows, muttering.  For all we know, she probably thinks she made it to the lower world.  I give her a light swipe to keep her moving and a gentle awareness of our presence. 



I stop. I clear my voice.  Phoebe swipes at the Big Cat who proceeds to sit on the floor.  Phoebe sits and nods.


“This is down,” I say.  Phoebe rolls her eyes and plants herself.  I ignore her and keep going.


“Down is the earth.  The foundation of life, the grounding force the keeps us…. grounded.  Look all around you.  This is  footprint of the kitchen where we walk.  Observe the flatness of it all at this very spot.  Through the laminate flooring, beyond the cavern of the basement,  we connect to Mother Earth.  We are a part of the earth. Listen to her messages.”  


I sit in front of the Crosby Cave.  In ordinary reality,  it’s a carrier with the blanket over the top of it, tucked away under the kitchen table.  It’s where I like to snooze and keep tabs on kitchen traffic.  In this dimension, it takes on a whole new meaning. 


“As Shaman cat, I go into the Great Turtle, a symbol for Mother Earth to reground, refocus and contemplate the meaning of that which I choose.  Time is slowed once I enter and within minutes I become Turtle Cat.”


My eyes half closed.  I sway a little and twitch my tail.  The drum beat plays softly in the background.  


“Footsteps across the kitchen floor are no longer footsteps.  They are waves of energy and if you stand real still, it can be felt the energy flowing up from the earth.  Red energy.  Energy of the first chakra.   From red to red-orange and beyond that is what I see from the Great Turtle.  On a good day, a dash of purple now and again shows us healthy movement upwards.  Red energy slowly rebuilds and a sense of ease and purpose returns. I sit and take it all in. Slowly, I am grounding.  Only when the time is right OR when you are standing anywhere near  the treat cabinet, I emerge refreshed and sound.   Have you, Big Cat, a space to host the Great Turtle?  How much time do you spend reflecting and grounding?”



“Clearly, not enough,” I interject. The Big Cat looks to me. “And while you are at it, you might want to use a little Flourite in your Great Turtle to keep you focused…you know from the ground up..”  Perhaps, I’m a little too blunt, but keeping a still mind during meditation isn’t one of the Big Cat’s great strengths. 


Crosby eyes me. 


I turn to give myself a lick on the side. 


Crosby jumps to the counter.  Treat cabinet. 


Suddenly, the Drum beats a little louder, a little faster.  Damn, it’s the call back.  


Crosby and I quickly escort the Big Cat back to Ordinary Reality.  Mental note: Switch to the 30 minute soundtrack instead of 15.


To be continued…..


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