Cat Call: Pumpkin Latte

Phoebe’s Log – 6:45 AM, Monday.

He sits in the window waiting. Slight twitch in the tail as the faint sound of a door closing outside breaks the silence of the early dawn hours.  I know it’s her – The Lady Next Door. Red coat and all, easing slowly down the front stairs and then at the bottom, she pauses to take in a few breaths and surveys the land….silence. silence in the dark morning that brings forth the new workweek….and then….the silence is shattered.

Crosby’s Log – 6:46 am

Hey Lady, 

Kinda nippy out here. Come on over here to my window and get toasty warm with a bit of this here Pumpkin Latte – yeah that’s me….Pumpkin Latte – a little creamy, swirly, orange and smoooooth. Come on you sweet thing, I’ll make your morning toasty!

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