We are Puuurfection

Patron Saint Medallion

A symbol of puuurfection (or puuuhfection if you are a Massachusetts born cat), the Patron Saints Cat medallion reminds the Big Cat of the awesomeness of cats. Some say it’s best for a cat to bury the medallion in the backyard (if you are an outdoor cat) or in a potted plant (if you are an indoor cat) to bring an abundance of feathers, treats, or fresh rodents to hunt. But we chose to give the Medallion to the Big Cat, for as we said earlier, it reminds her of our awesomeness, inspiration, and well, as a reminder to keep the treat cabinet well stock…because she, uh, well, screwed up once and forgot to get us treats…and well…there wasn’t any…and uh, well, let’s say she will never forget to bow to our Awesomeness again. ~Crosby’s Log


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